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PLCWD.Co.Uk was registered in May 2005 by Mike, a now retired Computer Professional, with the aim of providing help and advice to people who are not familiar or comfortable with the technology of computers but want to maximize the use of modern communication tools. This could be simply by using e-mail to keep in contact with family and friends or using the internet for research or buying items on line.

PLCWD provides Computer Help and Support together with one-to-one training on how to use a computer and common computer applications and peripherals.

PLCWD can provide help in recommending, purchasing and configuring appropriate computer hardware and software together with many of the standard PC peripherals such as Printers, Scanners, Digital cameras.

All aspects of PC security can be covered as well as Internet and e-mail access and use via commercially available connections.

PLCWD can also design, develop and publish your own web site for you and your business please contact

Mike by e-mailing at:

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